Stone Cladding

What is Stone Cladding?

Wall Cladding is a great way to add texture to internal and external spaces. Our highly versatile range of cladding products spans many aspects of modern and traditional architecture. 

Loose cladding products can be used to create the look of traditional mason-made, dry-stacked walls, or offset modern design elements such as vertical timber slats. The Vertical and Linear range of Claddings can emulate traditional Sandstone wall structures or create entirely unique features.

Stone Cladding Materials and Textures

The depth and texture of natural stone are completely unique and cannot be replicated. However, the MD Brick Wall Cladding range highlights these characteristics through the use of multiple surface textures, shapes and formats. 

Our range of natural stone cladding includes materials such as Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine, Granite and Bluestone.

Our Stone Cladding services

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