BGC Fibre Cement

BGC Fibre Cement is Australia’s top supplier of exterior cladding and interior cladding, lining and flooring solutions. Every product line is perfect for building great-looking, top-quality commercial and house facades – fusing form and function to elevate the design and construction of any building or renovation project.

With a choice of both traditional and contemporary styling, we supply exterior cladding and linings in a wide variety of designs to suit every taste – ensuring the first impression is always “wow.” This is followed by the peace of mind of knowing that the edifice will stand the test of time – both in terms of durability and good taste. With Innova™ and BGC Fibre Cement, it’s not just exterior house cladding – it’s art and innovation.

Whether you are constructing a new carport, updating gable ends and eaves, replacing a damaged façade or building a new facade, BGC facades provide an impressive range of textures from which to create inspiring looks – such as rustic woodgrain, contemporary industrial or modern comfort chic.

BGC fibre cement products include substrates for extraordinary decorative flourishes and true masonry, whether your structure is timber or steel-framed. Whatever the desired look or design feature, we provide high-quality facades and linings made to withstand the weather, pests and fire. BGC is design coupled with durability, so you know your creation will be strong, stable and stunning.

BGC Fibre Cement Products

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