Retaining Walls >600mm

What are retaining wall blocks?

Concrete retaining wall blocks are easy to install. MD Brick can supply retaining wall blocks to retain soil, reclaim sloping land and build garden beds or even for simple jobs such as veggie gardens or planter boxes.

With an extensive selection of colours, shapes and sizes MD Brick has the block you are looking for. Whether it be for a straight, curved, setback, engineered, garden edging wall or steps it is important you consider the technical considerations before you build..

Large Retaining Walls


  • Do you require a garden wall to enhance your home or a retaining wall for structural purposes?
  • You may need to choose a different type of block depending on the height your job needs to be.
  • Is the wall in a visible area that people will see?
  • What colour will work best in your space?
  • What is the maximum height the wall will reach? This will help determine what wall you will need and what type of reinforcement (if any) is required.
  • Do you require a curved or straight wall?
  • Are there corners or stairs in your wall?
  • Are you installing the wall yourself or do you need a contractor?
  • Does your wall need capping units?
  • Have you considered drainage?

Retaining walls over 600mm in height

As a general guide, retaining walls over 600mm in height may require engineering and possibly a Development Application. Check with your local council before proceeding. 

We offer technical advice for the construction of retaining walls over 600mm. 

There are many blocks that are rated for wall height over 600mm in height. Each manufacturer has a range of suitable blocks. Some blocks are suitable for curved walls, some are not. Some retaining wall blocks will require specific right hand and left-hand corners to enable the construction of corners or returns.  So be careful to consider this before choosing your block. Some blocks can be built near-vertical whilst others require a setback when constructing. 

There is a wide range of colour and textures to choose from.

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