Pool Pavers

What are pool pavers?

As the name suggests, pool pavers are paver bricks used in and around a pool or water-feature area.

If you are installing a pool or renovating a pool area, you will be looking for pavers that not only look and feel great, but are also salt resistant, water-resistant, safe and practical. Choose from square, rectangle and irregular shapes with various laying patterns to suit your area. The options are varied, allowing you to create a pool area that will withstand wear and tear and the test of time.

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How to select the right pool pavers?

You do have a lot of options when it comes to paving around a pool, however, there is a lot of important information you should consider when selecting the right pool pavers. For instance, pool pavers can be made from a wide range of materials, such as clay, concrete and natural stone, all of which are all suitable for your pool areas.

The most important factor to consider when laying pavers around a pool is slip resistance and also resistance to salt attack (which is salt damage). Each individual type of natural stone and concrete paver will have different durabilities, strengths and resistance values. It’s important you consult with your landscaper or the CMAA website before purchasing your pool pavers to make sure you understand the many different variants pavers carry, especially around salt and chlorinated pools.


Some natural stone pavers, such as sandstone and light coloured limestones are very porous and prone to salt attack if not sealed properly before and after installation. Some concrete pavers which are not heavily compacted are also not suitable for pool areas as they will also be attacked by salt and chlorine. 

Natural Stone Pool Pavers

Natural stone pavers offer you the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing products to suit any paving project. The variation in colours, dimensions, sizes, textures and thickness are an integral part of the unique natural look and feel that natural stone pavers offer.

Selecting the right stone typically involves knowing the appearance that you want and the type of use you require – driveway, pathway, pool, general landscaping or other flooring applications.

Natural paving stones

Sandstone Pool Pavers

Highly versatile and most often used in entertaining areas. You can create the look you need because sandstone is easily cut into shapes and forms to reflect the look you want to achieve. Sandstone tends to remain cool as it does not absorb heat quickly and is slip-resistant.

Bluestone Basalt Pool Pavers

Bluestone’s rich earthy colours make it a favourite when matching new paving to contemporary environments. Its dense qualities make it extremely durable and stain-resistant. Most often used in high traffic outdoor entertaining areas, Bluestone blends in with older style structures but is also equally at home with more modern projects.

Limestone Pool Pavers

Limestone gives a feeling of warmth with its natural and subtle pastel colours. Very resistant to salt, Limestone is often used for pool surrounds but equally blends beautifully into any project where you require a low key, minimalist look & feel.

Granite Pool Pavers

Granite is strong and hard-wearing, making it perfect for areas that demand a high level of durability.

Travertine Pool Pavers

Travertine is quite a dense product, very durable and offers a unique pattern and texture. By not absorbing heat rapidly, it is cool underfoot and a great looking paver for outdoor areas that are exposed to the sun. Swimming pool surrounds are perfect for Travertine although you will also find it used in many bathroom projects. Balconies and patios are also great applications. The seamless integration of Travertine into either contemporary or traditional house designs is especially popular. 

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