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Austral Bricks are well renowned as one of the benchmark clay brick manufacturers in the Australian marketplace for producing high-quality bricks, pavers and blocks in Australia for Australian conditions.

With a broad range of colours, shapes and sizes including the ever-popular Bowral Bricks, there is an Austral product to suit any application that maintains the strength, durability and environmental characteristics required by today’s brick products.

MD Brick is a major partner of Austral Bricks servicing the Sydney & Central Coast areas. We can advise you on the types of Austral bricks you may require for your home, the Austral pavers that would best suit your purposes and the Austral blocks necessary to build a retaining wall.

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Austral Bricks

Austral Bricks is a leading Australian manufacturer of clay bricks. Highlighted by natural colours and a variety of textures, Austral bricks add a distinct style to your home. Austral Bricks products are also well known for their strength but being colourfast, they will also maintain their beauty for a lifetime.

The choice is yours, whether you are looking for a striking vibrant façade or a more natural blended tone to your home. 

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