Frequently Asked Questions

There are 50 bricks (standard size 230x110x76mm) per square metre. When you lay each side by side there are 9 bricks per lineal metre. If you lay them end to end there are 4.5 per lineal metre.

The number of pavers you need will depend on the size of the paver you choose. The following formula can be used as a good guide.

  • Standard Format Paver: 230x115x50mm = 38 per square metre.
  • Large Format Paver: 300x300x50mm = 11 per square metre.
  • Large Format Paver: 400x400x50mm = 6.25 per square metre.
  • Large Format Paver: 500x500x50mm = 4 per square metre.

Please note, all of the above size pavers are available in various thickness.

There 12.5 blocks per square metre. 390x190x190/140/90mm

Delivery costs vary and are dependant on the quantity you require and your location. In many cases delivery is included in the selling price however it is best to contact MD Brick for an accurate delivery cost.

In short, YES you can pick up. But please understand that most of the products that we sell are heavy. EG a standard extruded brick weighs 3.5 kg each whilst a solid dry press brick can weigh up to 4kg.
Blocks weigh even more. A 190mm block weighs 16.5 kg each.

Added to this you must have the correct vehicle to be able to safely carry these products. Again it is best to check with an MD Brick representative to see if you will able to pick up.

Call MD Brick or click on the link below or alternatively contact one of our representatives who will inspect your existing bricks and then provide you with a sample of the closest possible match.

Please refer to our brick matching page

If the product is faulty you must notify MD Brick immediately. We will inspect the product and guide you from there. Under no circumstances do you use any product that you think is faulty.

If you simply have too much or have changed your mind about colours etc and want to return this product. These returns will be subject to freight charges, a handling charge and in some cases a down grading charge. These costs can be significant so please choose carefully.

This is subject to the type of product you choose. Bricks and blocks can be delivered as quickly as the next day (depending on quantity and delivery location). Pavers and other landscaping products can take between 3 and 10 working days. Locally manufactured products are available more quickly than product which is sourced from interstate.

Again the answer to this question is subject to many variables so it is best to contact your MD Brick representative for a more accurate answer

Payment for all non account holders is required before delivery is scheduled. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Bankcard, cash or cheque. EFT and direct deposit is also available. Please note that we do not accept Diners Card or American Express.

Our product range is available on this website. We can provide you with samples delivered to you free of charge. Alternatively we can direct you to the closest display centre for your specific product.

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Fax: 1300 737 992