Introducing MD Brick’s proud partnership with Littlehamptons, a renowned Australian brick manufacturer that boasts a rich history and a legacy of excellence spanning more than a century. For well over a century, Littlehamptons has solidified its reputation as a distinguished boutique brick producer within Australia. Their reputation is built upon the distinct textures, hues, and finishes that adorn their wide array of bricks and pavers. These offerings are not only unique in nature but also crafted using specialized production techniques, a hallmark exclusive to Littlehamptons Brick.

Across the expanse of Australia and even beyond its borders, Littlehamptons has been a steadfast provider of bricks and pavers for numerous projects, reaching even international shores. Among the notable ventures that have embraced their products are the embellishments within Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney, and the enchanting Disneyland in Shanghai, China.

Littlehamptons enjoys an eminent standing among architects and designers, often being the top preference owing to its exceptional product range and the ability to tailor colors, styles, and even create custom shapes for specific undertakings. As a boutique manufacturer, Littlehamptons thrives on its flexibility, fearlessly embracing innovative designs that push the conventional boundaries.

With a lineage spanning over a century and traversing three generations of family ownership, the entire Littlehamptons team takes immense pride in the legacy they cultivate and the exceptional products they consistently bring forth.

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The Littlehampton Brick Range

Littlehampton Bricks are crafted from the highest quality local clays and shales, making them a preferred choice by architects and designers.

Littlehampton Bricks are crafted for residential and commercial structures. Littlehampton clay bricks are rich in colour and full of beautiful natural character. Innovation and design are guided by the needs of architects and the latest trends.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing structure, the Littlehampton palette of warm earthy colours and textures will blend in naturally, or show off your style to perfection. The Unique textures and superior quality of Littlehampton bricks are due to the quality of clays and shales, locally sourced and used to make the boutique bricks.

Littlehampton is a natural choice for discerning Architects and Designers. 

The Littlehampton Clay Pavers Range

With a long list of benefits clay pavers are an excellent choice for any project demanding quality, strength, beauty and versatility.

There are numerous choices and varieties to consider when you start looking for the right paver for your next project. However, the choice becomes very easy once you discover the advantages of using Littlehampton clay pavers.

Builders, Architects, Landscape Architects, Renovators and Building Designers are still spoilt for choice with a range of traditional paver dimensions, slim and ultra-slim architectural profiles and hand-tumbled cobblestone sizes.

Create beautiful landscape designs with kiln-fired clay pavers. Littlehampton’s rich earthy tones add natural character and distinction to any project, including heavy load areas such as driveways, commercial pathways and patios. 


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