Common Bricks


What are common bricks?

Common bricks are an essential building material that has been widely used in masonry for centuries. These bricks are typically made from natural clay or concrete and are not subject to any special surface treatment. They are primarily designed to provide a robust and stable foundation, acting as a substrate in the case of stone cladding, as well as offering durability and structural support.

While common bricks may not be visually appealing, they are an excellent choice for construction projects that prioritise strength and stability. Furthermore, their standard dimensions make them easy to work with, contributing to their popularity among builders. As a result, common bricks are a reliable and practical choice for any construction project that requires a sturdy and dependable foundation.


Where are common bricks used?

Common bricks are a versatile building material that is widely used in the construction industry. They are primarily used for foundational piers and footings below floor level, internal walls, retaining walls, fences, and outdoor garden projects. While common bricks may not be visually appealing, they are an excellent choice for construction projects where durability and strength are essential. Nowadays, manufacturers produce common bricks specifically for rendering, painting, or bagging, making them a suitable choice for decorative applications 


How to select the right common brick

With so many common bricks on the market, finding the right common brick may be exhausting as common bricks are graded to suit so many different factors. However, you don’t need to worry as our team at MD Brick can help you.

Let us know about your project and your ideas, and we can find the right common brick brand, style and colour for you.

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