Concrete Lintels

What are Concrete Lintels?

Concrete lintels are made of high-strength concrete under strict quality control measures which gives them their superior structural capacity.  

Ultralintel is a range of purpose-designed, high strength concrete lintels manufactured to suit both standard and modular brick construction projects.

Features of concrete ultra lintels?

  • Made of high strength concrete under strict quality control.
  • Are easily rendered or covered with gyprock internally.
  • Fire-rated under load in accordance with AS 1530.4-1990.
  • Non-corrodible and is therefore ideal for marine and industrial exposure conditions.
  • Able to be used in pier and beam situations for new house foundations and also re-cladding of existing houses.
  • Ideal for use in creating an upstand (hob) on a concrete slab.

What size do concrete lintels come in?

Available in four convenient sizes, Ultralintel heights are equal to one or two courses of brickwork.

Concrete Lintels

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