Coloured Masonry Blocks

What are Coloured Masonry Blocks?

As the name suggests, Coloured Blocks are masonry blocks used in construction that have a hue or tint, to give a particular appearance to external walls. They can range from darker tones like ebony and charcoal to lighter tones like ivory.

Coloured masonry blocks can be supplied in a range of sizes, colours and textures. However, some textures such as Honed, Polished and HSot Blast do have lead times for supply. These lead times are usually around 4-8weeks. But feel free to check current lead times with one of our staff members.

Where are Masonry Blocks used?

Coloured masonry blocks are usually used in Masonry walls. They can be laid to fit into any existing structure and can be laid around openings and other structures. Whilst providing a strong aesthetic look, concrete masonry also provides an efficient medium for supporting vertical loads, as well as effective resistance to horizontal loads.

Types of Coloured Blocks


Split face blocks

Split face blocks are amongst the most popular coloured block styles supplied. They are produced as ‘double-sized’ elements. After curing, the elements are split by shearing to defined profiles. The standard splitter induces a vertical split giving a block or brick with a more tailored finish. If a more rugged character is sought, the unit is split in a special machine using angled blades. 

Honed face blocks

To achieve a finely striated finish that appears similar to that produced by a diamond saw cut, dense concrete units can be honed by passing them through a machine that grinds approximately 2 mm from the surface. Both the face and an end can be honed to facilitate corners in the finished masonry.

To produce a Shot Blast (or Exposed) finish on a masonry block the block is blasted at high pressure with a material similar in consistency to sand. This process opens up the surface of the blocks providing a “grainy” finish which exposes some of the aggregates and provides a completely different aesthetic. 

Polished face blocks

Further polishing after honing will produce a very smooth surface approaching that normally associated with terrazzo. The block undergoes several passes of the polishing disks, initially to remove scratches and striations, then to grind smooth and finally, to put a shine on the surface. Both the face and an end can be polished to facilitate corners in the finished masonry. Colour variations can also be achieved in polished and honed masonry.

Masonry Blocks

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How MD Brick works with you

Our team is here to help you with all of your Coloured Masonry Block needs.

Our team is here to help you with all of your Coloured Block needs.

MD Brick supplies the Central Coast and Sydney NSW region with a range of market-leading coloured block brands, such as Adbri Masonry, Austral Masonry, Island Block & Paving & Cubic Products. As a leading block supplier and distributor, our team listens to your requirements and then finds the best options for you – whatever brand that may be.

We have a wide selection of coloured blocks that we stock on our website, however, we also supply many other ranges too, so we can make choosing your blocks easier. If you have seen a coloured block you think you might like and can’t find it on the MD Brick website, our designated coloured block and sales representatives can come to you with samples to help you match your block or find ones you would like to see more of.

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