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Free brick matching service

Our Free BRICK MATCHING Service 

At MD Brick, we understand how important it is to maintain the integrity and appearance of your building, whether you are renovating, extending, or repairing. That’s why we offer a free brick matching service in Central Coast and Western Sydney to help you find the perfect match for your existing brickwork.

Our on-site brick specialists are experts in identifying the type of brick and matching textures, sizes, and colours to ensure a seamless blend with your current brickwork. We carry a wide range of bricks from all major Australian brick manufacturers, including Austral, PGH, Namoi Valley, and Lincoln Brickworks, giving us a significant advantage in finding the perfect match for your project.

Contact us at 1300 884 363 or the form below to take advantage of our complimentary service and find the perfect match for your project.

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Why is brick matching important?

Brick matching is important to ensure that new brickwork matches the existing structure in colour, texture, and size, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of a building and preventing structural issues.

Benefits of Brick Matching

  • Preserves the original design and appearance of a building
  • Prevents structural issues such as cracking and water damage
  • Increases the value of a property by maintaining its aesthetic appeal
  • Saves time and money by avoiding the need to replace larger areas of brickwork
  • Provides a seamless blend between old and new brickwork

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How MD Brick works with you


There are three ways we can help you match your bricks.

  • Review our list of the Most Highly Matched Bricks below and click on the ones you believe best match your bricks. The selected bricks may give you a better indication of brick colour and texture. We can help you from here. 

  • Send us photos of the bricks you need to match. Simply complete our Brick Match Request Form and include a close-up photo to assist in identifying texture and colour as well as a long-range photograph for more defined colouring.
  • If you are a builder or bricklayer, MD Brick will arrange a site visit, inspect your brickwork and match your bricks.

Our expertise and knowledge will save you time in researching the many bricks available while also saving you the hassle and expense of ordering bricks that don’t exactly fit or match. 

Brick matching will give you the attention to detail that you need for the perfect result.

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Click the button below to view our Brick Matching submission form and complete your enquiry. Please include a close-up photo to assist in identifying texture and colour as well as long-range photograph for more defined colouring.