Galvanised Steel

Galintels are a range of lightweight, easy to install, load bearing, hot dipped galvanised ribbed steel lintels for use with brick construction in the building industry; specifically designed and tested to support brickwork above window and door openings. Galintels are cold rolled steel and are 40% lighter than conventional steel lintels.

Main Properties of galvanised lintels

  • Hot dipped galvanised (600gsm) to meet R3 durability rating requirements of AS 4680 Code.
  • Structural Loading Capacity tested/appraised by CSIRO and U.N.S.W. Unisearch
  • Manufacturer’s R4 Coating Specification available on request.
  • GALINTELS meet the Code requirements of AS 2699.3–2002 and AS 3700–2001, as per Manufacturer’s Data.
  • GALINTELS are branded with lintel size, length, weight and durability R rating.
  • RENDABAR plus cement render achieves 60 mins – 120 mins Fire Rating (conditions apply).
  • Composite structural beam strength achieved with 3+brickwork courses above GALINTEL.
  • GALINTELS require propping at 900mm to 1500mm intervals for specified period.
Galvanised lintels chart

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