MD Brick is a distributor of the Australian Insulation Manufacturers Group. In particular, we distribute their range of premium quality , thermal insulation products. 

The Polastic insulation system is the only non-corrosive 3-in-1 insulation, thermal break and vapour permeable building wrap in Australia. Polastic Insulation System is high performance, 3-in-1 reflective insulation, thermal break, vapour barrier that effectively blocks all three types of heat transfer: radiant, convective and conductive. 

Polastic Insulation is a continuous cover insulation that protects against thermal bridging, condensation and air filtration. 

Polycystic Insulation System is scientifically engineered to perform in real-life built environments in all weather conditions and locations. 

Available in sheets 1200×2400 (7mm – 100mm thickness) or continuous rolls 1200mm x 24m long (7mm or 12mm thickness). 

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