Benex Blocks

What are Benex blocks?

Benex is an innovative, cost-effective, versatile wall and floor construction system. Benex offers solutions for most masonry projects requiring thermal efficiency, acoustic performance, fire rating and ease of installation.

Benex panels are a lightweight alternative to traditional building products. One square meter of Benex Wall Panel weighs only 35kg, and yet has the solid feel of masonry. Its inherent strength means that no reinforcement is required, which makes cutting easy.

Where are Benex Blocks used?

When used as a flooring system for elevated flooring, the results are amazing. The solid nature of the system and its excellent acoustic performance virtually eliminates sound transmission between upstairs and downstairs living areas. 

Benex panels offer excellent thermal properties too. When used in conjunction with other types of insulation, Benex Wall Panel Systems will achieve almost any thermal insulation requirement, the result of your home being warmer during winter and cooler in summer. 

Types of Benex Blocks

The Benex Panel is 1200mm x 400mm x 35mm, and is packed on standard-sized pallets for delivery. The efficiency of these dimensions means that the required amount for a typical home can be delivered on a single truck. Multiple deliveries are a thing of the past and this also results in additional cost savings.

For more information, review the Benex Blocks technical reports here.

[Link to technical reports]

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MD Brick supplies the Central Coast and Sydney NSW region with a range of market-leading coloured block brands, such as Adbri Masonry, Austral Masonry, Island Block & Paving & Cubic Products. As a leading block supplier and distributor, our team listens to your requirements and then finds the best options for you – whatever brand that may be.

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