Keeping it neat – Retaining Walls

Most of us by now would have heard of a retaining wall, but have you thought about how effective a retaining wall can be in the right place? Retaining walls can be used for functional or decorative purposes, and often tidy up an area that you may be doing your best to hide away from guests.

If you have a sloping block a great way to take advantage of this area is by retaining it with a neat and attractive block retaining wall. This type of retaining wall is classed as a functional wall. Constructing a functional retaining wall on a sloping block is a job, that unless you are pretty savvy and know what your doing, should be left to a professional.

It is important that a functional retaining wall is engineered and constructed with the correct materials and drainage. A functional retaining wall may be used to support not only a sloping block but also a pathway or a driveway. When choosing the materials to build your retaining wall adequate drainage should always be a consideration. Otherwise the added weight of water build up could cause an improperly built wall to collapse – which is very costly and extremely dangerous.

A decorative retaining wall is a great idea to add charm and character to your yard or outdoor area. Adding different levels to a garden can be visually appealing as well as a great way to maximise space.

Decorative or functional the retaining wall can add great street appeal and value to your property. Retaining walls can be used as the base of a fence or even as seating. Creating an outdoor courtyard or entertaining space in an otherwise unusable area on your property, using retaining walls, is a simple answer to so many existing landscaping problems.

Most retaining walls only require a little bit of elbow grease and knowledge to construct and make a great DIY project to get you feeling good about your outdoor area. Due to the many choices you have in retaining wall blocks these days, you can customise the look you want with colours, textures and even stone facades. The only limit is your imagination.

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